Josh Barnett


CallThemForMe connects busy, tired, or anxious people with businesses that run on the phone. If you can't pick up the phone, or just don't want to, let them know and they'll call them for you. With clear pricing, one-step requests, and a free trial call for everyone, there is no excuse to keep anyone waiting for that phone call.

Inspired by my wife, who suffers from social anxiety that makes picking up the phone difficult, I spent a month strategizing, designing, and implementing a simple service for people that need a new way to communicate with businesses that run primarily through phone calls.


  • Authentication, both for initial signup and for logging in later, needed to be completely frictionless. Usernames and passwords, while common nowadays, present opportunities for friction and bounce that could be avoided.
  • The request flow needed to be as short and sweet for users as possible. In order to be easier than picking up the phone, the entire request flow can't involve more than a single form and a couple of clicks.
  • Despite an emphasis on simplicity, a communication avenue must still exist if more information is needed to complete a call request.


  • We used Auth0's passwordless authentication flow to eliminate the need for usernames and passwords. Instead, the user enters a phone number and Twilio sends a one-time signin code that's submitted for login. On iOS and desktop Safari browsers, this can be done without any typing.
  • After some user testing and iteration, we reduced the call request form to one page with three fields and only two clicks/taps to submit. Everything is required but clearly labeled and visible.
  • Thanks to a phone-centric authentication method, every account has a phone number that can be reached by call or text in case additional info is needed. If the user provides an email address, we can use that instead. This eliminates the need for push notifications or returns to the dashboard to answer simple questions.

My roles:

  • Product designer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Full-stack developer
  • System administrator

Tools used:

  • Auth0 (Hosted authentication solution)
  • GraphQL (Simple universal data querying)
  • Next.js, hosted by Render ("Serverless" hosting solution)
  • PostgreSQL, hosted by Render (Connected to GraphQL via Hasura)
  • TailwindCSS (Utility-based CSS framework)
  • Twilio (SMS messaging solution)
  • Zapier (no-code connection to Zendesk API)

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